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Making money from Telegram is one of the new jobs that has become a popular home business. Telegram is one of the chat and talk shows that has many fans among the Iranian people. Although the program has been filtered for some time, the business is still thriving. Many users use this social network to sell their products and services. Initially, Telegram was designed solely for communication and dialogue. But some time later, the channel was launched. This program is more advanced every day than in the past. This has attracted the attention of many companies, women housewives, shopkeepers, etc. from Telegram and you can buy telegram channel members for grow fast and increase channel users


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-Launch the sales channel


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If you are gifted with a particular job (such as cooking or painting, etc.), start a channel with your art theme. Then provide useful and practical content to channel members. Increase the cost of advertising by increasing the number of members and content visits. Connect with sales channels and offer them promotions. Telegram have option for increase fast with buy telegram fake users and entertainment channels are now very popular. For example, comedy channels are very popular on social media these days. So you can get your humorous content from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Google. Even on Instagram pages related to foreign users, you can find a lot of humorous content and translate it into Persian. Even if it's just a funny picture. Then publish them on your comedy channel. When your content is new, original and funny, the number of channel members increases and the number of views increases. So you can publish ads for commercial channels and get paid from them.

  • Making an advertising gif for Telegram

In this article, we are going to tell you why it is necessary to purchase a Telegram Members for a Telegram channel.


First, we explain the ways and means of buying a Telegram Members.


And then we will examine the disadvantages and advantages of purchasing a telegram for the Channel Telegram


Well, first of all, we would like to look at why we should buy our cable for our telegram


Today, on social networks, the number seems to be a credit, that is, we will have as many social networks as we have in our own popularity.


The number of order is the number of our followers


Well, now we have to know if we want to buy our channel for our telegram, why buy it and where to buy it, and make sure we buy secured

gifs and motion graphics. For example, a clothing supplier company must design a video to fully introduce themselves and their products to the market. The videos are large and costly to make a promotional video. So you can design a motion or a gif for this company. You can use animation to create a gif. and best method for you is buy real telegram subscribers Then put all the products, brand, logo, telegram link and company address in it. With this method of advertising, you get a high salary. At the same time, you don't need an actor, a director or a cameraman.

-Produce content for other channels

If you are not interested in launching a Telegram you can buy telegram channel views and manage other Telegram channels to earn money from Telegram. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You may be given an advertising channel (with a theme of entertainment, humor, science, etc.). In this case, you need to provide content that fits the theme of the channel. You have to update the channel with new content several times a day. If the channel is left without content, the number of users will be reduced. So to get users' attention, you need to upload content several times a day. For sales channels, you need to explain their products to users with a lot of water to find such stores, go to one of the fair stores in your city and suggest setting up a telegram channel to the store manager.

creasing the number of telegram channel followers

Sell ​​more on the channel of the telegram

Attract more followers

Less activity to attract followers

Less time and time spent on followers

Lower costs to attract more followers





Disadvantages of Buy Telegram Members



Absolute unrealistic followers

2. Fake followers on the channels

Get out of the unrealistic followers after a while from the telegram channel

These unrealistic followers go out of the channel after leaving the channel when they enter the telegram channel.


The reason for this is because the Telegram identifies unrealistic members of the real members for the safety and